Shaking Heaven and Earth - Revised 2nd Edition



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Shaking Heaven & Earth will help you to experience the Christian life you have always dreamed of. What author Dennis Reanier has laid out are the practical tools necessary to launch the average Christian into a spiritual reformation and has accurately captured the key principles to live a victorious spiritual life. Pulling from years of ministry to the Body of Christ, the author intertwines interesting personal stories along with prophetic insights that engage the reader. With each page you read, real faith will rise in your heart.

This book is full of wisdom and revelation illustrated with real life examples that will transform your mind, will and emotions so that you can receive your inheritance in Him. Everything we need has already been given to us in Him in order to experience the miraculous every day.

In Shaking Heaven & Earth you will understand your true identity in Christ, the character of God, and the authority, dominion, and resources that He has given to us. You will be equipped to live in genuine relationship with the Holy Spirit, resulting in revelation that results in an inheritance mindset rather than settling for the empty promises of religion.

Shaking Heaven and Earth offers you new hope to walk in faith by providing the practical tools to activate the supernatural in you. You will gain vital truths for victorious living, with the life of God’s power being revealed in and through “YOU.”

This book challenges believers to live in a relationship with God resulting in revelation, rather than settling for the empty promises of religion. Shaking Heaven & Earth will help propel your faith into action in order to see the promises of heaven manifesting through “you” today on earth! – Stacey Campbell, Author of Ecstatic Prophecy

Shaking Heaven & Earth is a catalyst for the convergence of the current reformation to launch the ordinary believer into a life of the extraordinary as they are activated in the supernatural. Dennis’ book is full of revelation about your identity and inheritance that will take you off the “limitation” network and put you on the “all things possible” network in order to possess your birthright! Shaking Heaven & Earth is a must read for every believer, leader, and pastor. – Randy Clark, Author of There Is More

About the author: Dennis Reanier is an apostolic leader with a prophetic voice to inspire this generation in the purposes of God. As founder of the Apostolic Resource Center, Revival Cry Ministries, and Word of Life Christian Center, Dennis is known for equipping high impact leaders. He continues to supernaturally activate people nationally and internationally as an itinerant for the emerging agenda of HIS end time harvest.

287 pp.

Dennis Reanier