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  • Kelly Hostetter

    The saints of God are so blessed to have Dennis and Tammi cutting the trail as the western church faces a movement toward revolution. Their tenacity and determination to move out of revelation, no matter the cost and with extreme love is inspiring! Put simply, Dennis and Tammi are forerunners. It is an honor to know them.

  • Dreanier

    Angels made an appearance at Kelly Hostetter’s license ceremony during our Prophetic Healing Event with Jason Upton and Katie Souza?

  • Angels make an appearance at Kelly Hostetter’s license ceremony during our Prophetic Healing Event with Jason Upton and Katie Souza! Can you see them?

  • A man get healed of lung disease this weekend at the Prophetic Healing Event. Then a group ends up at Starbuck’s from the conference along with this man testifying to all the healings and people in Starbuck’s start getting healed!

  • Last weekend in Missoula Holy Spirit gives me a Word of Knowledge for a young woman who had been abused. Then he has me prophetically delcare that He is sending her to the nations to minister and help women come out of the same abuse that she had encountered. The next day I find out this woman was kept chained in a basement while being physically and sexually abused for over ten years. The prophetic word was a confirmation to the calling that God had put in her heart to travel to the nations and rescue woman from the sex trade industry! God is amazing!

    • All I can say to all of these testimonies is “Wow! Go God!” Thanks for sharing them, Dennis, and for all you, your family, and team do for the Kingdom of God!

  • Rachel Gilpin

    Jesus rocked my world through Revival Cry Ministries in Oct 2011. I walked into an impartation litterally at the end of my rope in every aspect, I had spent the entire day trying to talk myself out of commiting suicide, and had done some extensive self mutilation. My friend invited me to go this ministry event with Dennis Reanier and honestly while I was on the way there I was regretting that I aggreed to go. When I arrived I could barley walk to get myself in the building because of the heaviness weighing down on me. I sat, head down and faded in and out and durning the worship. Dennis got up to preach and got about two sentences in when he stoped and asked my name. He began prophesying over me and touched on several issues I was dealing with including rejection and abuse that only a select few knew about, he spoke about how I was being pressed into a box in every aspect, but that God had other plans. I wish I could remember everything he spoke, but I honestly cannot, however he did say God was going to break apart that box and bring restoration in my life. The entire room gathered around to pray for me and instantly the heaviness was broken. I was so blessed that I could hardly walk out of the meeting because I was so full of the Spirit of God, I looked totally drunk, (oh, did I mention the fact that I was laughing like I have never laughed in my life because of the joy God gave to me?)! God is so good.

    All in all, it has been 5 months now and not once, have I returned to the heaviness I felt that night, I have not done anything that is self destructive and what is more I have joy. Jesus has begun to transform my reality and He is setting my free day by day. I laugh all the time now, people are telling me on a daily basis the change they see in me, and that I glow with the love and joy of the Lord. Thank you Jesus, and thank you Dennis Reanier and Revival Cry Ministries for helping my soul awake.

    • Thanks for sharing your amazing testimony, Rachel! Rock on!

  • Tiggerwags

    When I was 7 I was molested by 2 strangers and then my own father. My parents divorced soon after when my mom caught my dad molesting me and she had a nervous breakdown she failed suicide 2 times and at 8 years old I assumed responsibility for my family. My brother who had seen me be molested started raping me and this continued from age 8 to 12 years old. I did all the housework caring for my mom and baby sister who I protected from my brother. My other brother was clueless as to what was happening since he was never around. They were 16 and 15 and both brothers moved out of the house and for the first time I was free. I got saved or so I thought I just wanted to know who this God was. I told my mom about my brother raping me and she was still so mentally unavailable that she told me thats how boys show they love you so I grew up believing that if a guy wasnt having sex or being abusive to you that he didnt love you. I ended up getting pregnant with my son at 19 and keeping him later on I had a second son and kept him too. Both out of wedlock and not sure about what I was going to do or how to support them both yet the Lord provided. My father had a stroke and so I went to help him and when he recovered he kicked me and my sons out of the house he had let us live in while we were caring for him and his 3rd wife plus their 5 kids. We were homeless and so we moved back to my home state and started over. Then one day I met a man who said he was a Christian and I believed we were in love so I married him and we moved to Mexico so he could teach the kids english and everything he said was a lie he was abusive, an alcoholic, gambler, cheater, who starved us when he wasn’t beating us and thought nothing of introducing us to his girlfriends. I attempted suicide and wanted relief from the abuse praise the Lord I failed and my exhusband sent me to the States to get his son and bring him back. Then as I was doing paperwork for his passport I found out my husband had secretly divorced me so that he could be with his girlfriend I had been divorced without knowing it for a year. The kids and I went back to the States and I had a come to Jesus meeting in my room one night I was crying out Lord why do you hate me my life is hell and I wish I had never been born. The Lord said I have never left you or forsaken you and I have protected you from harm when you took the pills they did not harm you when your husband hit you I had him pass out so that he would stop I even had him divorce you so you could leave with the children and be free from the abuser. I started crying and cried for hours as the Lord said I have positioned you to walk a hard road so you could find me and be the one who defends the weak and broken. Then he reminded me that had it not been for me being born my sister would have been raped and she was 3 when the abuse was going on so even though I took the beatings it was nothing compared to what Christ had taken for us. Every step has been guided by the Lord and as he began to unfold my life and show me where he had helped and how he had provided I saw the full picture and I prayed the salvation prayer. Then the Lord said if you will let me I will restore what the devil has taken and use you to help those who have been where you are and need the hope only I can give. It was then that I said yes and have been in full time ministry ever since giving my testimony at every opportunity so that people will know they are not alone and that the Lord loves them. By his stripes we are healed and that is a beautiful thing.

  • My husband and I have been financial partners with Revival cry for several years now.

    I want to share with you a story of acceptance, breakthrough, impartation and release. These are tangible things we have received from seeing the GOLD in Revival Cry and from making the decision to let our money be a representation of our dedication to believing in something bigger than ourselves.

    We met Dennis and his better half Tammi through a very God-ordained moment almost 6 years ago now. Quickly we felt the Lord tugging at our hearts to make relationship with the Revival Cry bunch (who at the time was also referred to as “Word of Lifers”). We quickly found that Dennis and Tammi had surrounded themselves with a whole group of Revival Cry family. They truly exhibit the Love of Christ. Upon our first meeting with this group of Revivalists-Jesus Lovers through and through, we quickly felt such a love and acceptance from them, something that I had rarely felt in all of my 23 years of being a Christian, very involved within several different aspects of Church ministry.
    I had a sort of revelation about them from the moment we first met them! These were people that carried an anointing- a power impartation straight from the heart of God, and I wanted the opportunity to be their friends. I also wanted the grace that I saw on them operating in my own life. I wanted to be free from some things, and I wanted to live in my destiny! A lesson I quickly learned; if you want something from the Lord, get around people who have a revelation of it and stay as close as you can until you receive it!

    God graciously gave us that opportunity and even though we live in Missoula, every time we see this group till this day we feel like we’re “coming home to family.” Matter of fact, that sense always increases! We’ve always felt this way. They were the ones we called when we needed prayer, support, and when we experienced some of the biggest changes of our life! We called them because we knew they could hear the voice of God, and that they could discern situations for us that testified to the Spirit of the Lord inside of us.

    A few years back, from the impartation that was placed upon our life from knowing this group of radical Lovers, and from receiving the grace that God had placed on their life to have a powerful prophetic ministry and impartation; my husband and I founded a ministry here in Missoula and have had an opportunity to walk truly within our destiny and see our greatest dreams come true! We go from ‘glory to glory’- it is true!

    So like I said- we’ve been financial partners for several years, with the acceptation of a small break of time that we quickly came out of! Let me tell you about that!

    When we founded our own ministry, we made the decision to give to our own local call here within Missoula and made the decision to stop all giving at that time to Revival Cry. We quickly realized that was a stupid mistake at best. We were trying to delegate where God’s money should go, and although our hearts were in the right place by honoring our local body, we failed to continue to see where planting would bare the MOST fruit! And for some reason, our first response was NOT to just give MORE! Although we still enjoyed the favor of the Lord because we stayed faithful to give here at home, we quickly realized that the level of fruit we were walking in our own personal lives started to change.

    One day I asked the Lord, “why is this?” And He quickly told me as if He was just waiting for me to ask. I’ll paraphrase what He said, “there is a great impartation that you continue to receive from Revival Cry as you give into their mission and it is My will for you to remain connected! As you give into Revival Cry, you will reap the fruit of their harvest as well!”… My husband and I immediately put that back into right order and started up our giving with Revival Cry promptly! How did we do this? We gave MORE of our budget!

    I want to encourage you, if you are looking to give into a ministry in which you will receive a GREAT Impartation and tangible fruit, Please consider partnering with this great group of Revivalists. People we call family.

    We have received more than just “spiritual fruit” from our continued Partnership giving to Revival Cry. We’ve received an impartation from their life that lives on for generations. It’s our inheritance and we thank Jesus for Revival Cry daily- for giving us a family that blesses us, imparts into us, and believes in us! What a blessing it is to plant into a group of people that see the GOLD in you! Their encouragement through all of these years of our life has developed a history of trust with them, something that is priceless in comparison to our financial partnership.

    Give with a joyful heart and perceived the place in which He has called you to plant deep into! If you want the manifestation of healing, prophetic discernment, apostolic leadership- fruit that we see every day in Revival Cry, then support a ministry every way you can in order to receive from the grace that is on their lives to release it! You won’t be disappointed!

    Filled with Love.

    Dan and Jessica Kotur
    Ember Ministries

  • calgarycowboy

    could you pray for my brother charlie had a tumor near prostrate removed ..they say he has more cancer on bone n maybe lungs..pray for total healing in him in Jesus name amen God bless this site

    • Jesus, we thank you for healing Charlie! Manifest your healing power in his body and we command the spirit of cancer to be loosed from him right now in the name of Jesus. We speak life and health over Charlie’s body and thank you that by your stripes he is healed! Keep us posted on Charlie, we will continue to stand in faith agreeing for his complete healing!

    • Ken_moore7

      thank God for you an bless you abundantly in Jesus name amen

  • Dennis Reanier

    I was laying hands on people to pray for healing impartation at the altar of a church outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania last Saturday night. I was just wanting to pray for people to be activated in healing so they could lay hands on the sick themselves and see them be healed. Then I layed hands on a woman named Joan who was in a wheelchair to simply pray for impartation. When I layed my hands on her a movie began to play in my mind of a flash of electricity and lightining across a brain while hearing Holy Spirit speak the words nuerological connections to me.

    As I began to pray for this woman’s nuerological connections in her brain to be healed she started shouting yes! She told me that she could see the same revelation that I was seeing in her brain. I then asked her if she could get out of her wheelchair and she said yes, and began to get up out of the chair. At first I I held her hand to help her get up, but soon she was walking without any help at all Her husbandd was standing there with tears streaming down his face saying, “She insisted on coming tonight, and when I tried to take her home thinking she was too tired to stay. She wanted to stay and would not let me taker her home.” Then he began to thank me and hug me as a result of seeing his wife experience the love of Jesus!

    At the end of the night Joan’s husband tried to get her to sit back down in her wheelchair out of compassion thinking that she may be tired from walking around the church all night for the first time in a while. She responed by saying, “I don’t need that chair anymore.” The next day I learned that not only was Joan wheelchair bound from the stroke she had experienced a year or two earlier, but that she had also been unable to even talk before we prayed for her that night! Praised God! Jesus is the Healer! He is so good! He blows my mind!

  • Gold dust found on Dennis Reanier’s suitcase from an offering given during one of his Revival Cry meetings in Phoenix, AZ!

  • Angel feathers falling while Dennis was ministering at Heaven’s Place in Phoenix, AZ.

  • I went to a meeting on Friday night (April 13, 2012) in Phoenix Arizona and as soon as it started seeing angels in the spirit dipping their wings into the top of the crowd of peeps praising God with their hands raised. This is VERY new to me but I watched as almost instantly people started falling under the power of God. It was awesome! HA!! I was catching people left and right, literally! There were peeps going down two at a time. HA! There was one lady the Spirit urged me to hurry and get behind and as I hustled over she started, well…. TIMBER!!!! HA! Caught her just in time! 😀

    Saturday was soooo different! Dennis Reanier shared a bit as he also did on Friday night and then as he started prophesying over a friend of mine, Jarrod, who came up from Tucson right at the beginning of the meeting which was just EPIC! I guess his word really spoke to him! I got one later on too which blew my mind which I always love. Saturday afternoon Beth Nixon, who also shared some insights at this meeting, she took us to a whole new level of peace with the Father. It’s so cool to chilax with this Father regardless as to what is happening around us. Loved her revelation! Starting to function in it already… so peaceful! When we went to lunch I had the opportunity to talk with her and found out that her and her husband Jon had stayed with my dad years ago when it was placed on their hearts to move here to Arizona from Los Angeles, CA. As we talked she put it together that I was the son ‘from Colorado’ and they had been praying for me all through that time. (So humbled by that!)

    Then on Saturday night Dennis spoke again about the power of God’s Grace and how we should be imparting things that the Lord gives us to others. OMGOODNESS!!!! He then prayed impartation over a bunch of people and they started dropping like flies, again but this time… whoa… One of my friends grabbed me and shoved me up front instead of my normal in the back catching position and…. WHOW!!! WHOW!!! WHOW!!!! I have NEVER responded that way when someone prayed for me. God used Dennis to light… me… UP!!! It was AWESOME!!!! HaHa!!!

    Sunday I hit the morning service and caught some more as well as just soaking in what God is doing in me. Sunday night tho… geez… The Spirit wrecked me so hard I was curled up outside on the concrete laughing my butt off! It was contagious… before I knew it there were several of us completely wasted in the Spirit rolling around on the ground! My stomach was so sore from laughing, it was a blast! I had absolutely no pride left in me and didn’t care about anything but being filled up with Him! (Also something extravagantly new for me!) I finally was able to walk in and I ended up sitting down next to my friends and the Joy of the Father became contagious once again. The whole section I was sitting in started to catch the Holy Spirit fever! Trying to be quite like I was stoned out of my gord yet trying to hide it! So funny as I’m sure I didn’t pull that off so well! As the meeting went on my friend Christy Moll started preaching and used Jeremiah 15 which includes the first verses I ever heard the Lord speak to my heart (vs 17-21) which is using my voice and God will protect me. A friend of mine has been having some problems with his marriage and the Lord showed me something’s to pray over him and was feeling the Spirit move through me in a way I’ve never experienced before as well. He started shaking under the power of God. Everyone I touched was being touched by the Father. (also VERY new to me!)

    After the meeting started to wind down I ended up standing in the back and happened to be standing with a couple of friends. I felt the love of God over my sisters and pulled both of them to me and just felt led to start praying over them both and release the wisdom that God wanted to pour over their lives regarding their husbands that are coming their way. One of them ended up on the floor in the back in awesome time of peace with Papa! As the meeting started wrapping up they started prophesying over people in the front of the meeting. I received a word that matched up exactly to what is happening in my live as far as being the mouth piece of God! LOVE IT!!

    Then… All heaven broke loose… I started praying for people myself… falling under the power of God in a way that I have never experienced!!! One person after another… I started shaking and my hands lit up with an intense heat… at one point after making my way around to who I felt God lead me to I had a hold of the back of a chair I was trying to steady myself with… a friend of mine sat in the chair being ‘cutesie’ as in ‘this will make you stop’… HA! She got WHACKED by the Holy Ghost!!! I started seeing deception and wickedness being driven out of her by the power of God. One after another praying and prophesying over people… It was to the point that I was asking God what He was doing and I just started laughing again hysterically… my friend Ryan shook my hand to say goodbye as he as laughing the mess I was but I just couldn’t let him go. My friend Bill grabbed me by the head loving on me and we all just sat there praying with each other. (see the attached pic) My buddy Bill said I was so hot he couldn’t even hold on to me any longer. This was one of the most intense weekends that I have ever experienced.

    God is soooo AMAZING and He is only showing himself more and more and more… and more!!! I LOVE IT!!!


  • Hey, is there anyone reading these testimonies that needs a healing right now?

  • you should be there!!
    our gang was messed up toudhed changed, and marked by God last week with John151 Tulsa oklahoma.
    two of our teens felt God in such ways that one of girl couldn’t stop weeping.
    devine union with God, O my goodness…effortlessly doing GOD stuff everywhere, no more ceiling over our head.
    one of our leader had excruciating hip pain for two years got healed without anyone praying for her simply being in the atmosphere,
    and her brother in-law who is new in the Lord sees people falling out during the impartation thought “no one will push me, am going to put breaks on my feet” but within a 3 second he was on the floor, when he got up his left eye’ got healed(Denice called out word of knowledge) his left eye will move around aimlessly and twick, itiches him so bad and Dr said they couldn’t do the surgery because of nurve damage in the eye but not anymore,yey, he can’t stop praising God, his wife said he’s been up two night strait praising God.
    today, our church service we just shared testimony and released impartation.
    one of our children’s leader said it was the best sunday service ever(we like it)
    so glad that we invest our few days with revival cry, this is the begining of revival we’ve been crying out for we decide we want to go to next level of abandonment to God, for our city we have vision now as Denice said we want transfomation in our city.
    if you are hungry it’s for you, “go”

  • revivalcry

    Was at your event Thursday July 26th in the evening here in Tulsa OK. Wanted you to know that the Holy Spirit was strong around me Friday morning. On my way to work I was called to by a young man who was living on the street. The Holy Spirit guided me in my conversation with the man, and I was very bold and direct. The young man asked for money to get something to eat, and I always resist giving cash because you never know if your filling a need or an addiction. So I tried to qualify his character by asking some questions. I asked him if he had sought help at John 3:16, a local homeless shelter. He said he had but he was not allowed in some of the shelters because he got into fights and was refused. I felt a boldness come over me and asked him if he had ever accepted Jesus. He said he had thought about it but never had. I told him how I used to be an atheist, and how Jesus had taken me out of my circumstances and changed my life. I told him Jesus loved him very much and asked him if he wanted to ask him into his heart. He said yes he did. He prayed with me and asked Jesus in his heart. What a blessing to be a blessing. I love sharing Gods love, and I suppose you could say impartation. Thank you for your meeting. I appreciate your leadership and environment of true worship. IN Christ, Thomas Cox

  • lilangel85301

    Johnonefiveone Event (August 23 & 24, 2012)

    Let me start by saying “Thank you!” for having the JohnOneFiveOne Event at Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, Az. Before the Event, I had seen a
    banner ad online for this, I had never heard of Revival Cry before, but I felt lead to check it out. I did and I also saw it was to be at the
    Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, and was $50 to register. I immediately felt drawn in and knew I should be there. I went to God with it, since He is
    my Source, and what my checking account said, did not line up with what He was wanting me to do. I left it there with Him, knowing that since He
    wanted me there, He would provide a way for it to be. That Thursday, I went to my usual Women of Destiny meeting at my church. To my surprise,
    our leaders were informing us that we would have no ladies meeting on Aug 23…because the JohnOneFiveOne Event was being held at OUR CHURCH!!!! Then, they started handing out tickets to whoever wanted to go!!! Uh…yeah…say WHAT??? I got my tickets and said my “Thank you God, you are so AWESOME!” I should have known that if God PERFECTLY arranged this so I could be there…HE WANTED ME THERE! He was up to something, and it’s ALWAYS GOOD!

    I invited my sister and we went to the 1st night together, the worship was VERY ANNOINTED, the presence of God was so there! The flags and
    dancers were new to me, but even so, there was such freedom in this worship. I had heard of this, but never been in the presence of it before.The
    teaching was great too. Then Dennis came up and started calling out conditions that God was healing. When he said “God is aligning backs…” I
    had not thought of myself as having back problems. I only had a “slight scoliosis” since childhood that only caused occasional painful issues. I
    didn’t even think of standing up for that. Suddenly I heard God say, “Stand up!”…and it’s as if I was raised to my feet! Seriously. Then I felt
    the heat in my back as He healed the source of what had caused me pain only occasionally.My vertibrae were popping and cracking into place for
    the rest of the night! God loves me so much that he cares to heal even the thing that seemed “too small” to me. WHAT was I thinking?! WOW!!!

    Friday, August 24 was my Birthday. As I thought about what I wanted to do…I wanted to be back at church. So back I went! I was so touched by
    Beth Nixon’s teaching on Living in the Rhythm of Heaven and having Peace. I have done this for the most part in my life for awhile now without
    realizing it. I had actually began to doubt if it was right or not. God reassured me with His Word just in time! Doubt GONE! It is GOOD to know
    that I had been living in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit right along.Then came the nighttime service that my sister had said “We DON’T want to
    miss that!” After I had to rush home and settle in the kids for the night (I am a single parent), dinner and all the good stuff that comes with
    it…I was late getting back. But, not according to Heaven’s timing, because nothing had started yet and God had saved us seats right down in
    front again. This was going to be a POWER FILLED night, I knew it. The music started, off key I noticed right away. Somehow the piano was not
    working right, then the microphone was humming. This all lead to a VERY different worship service, but God was still in it. It didn’t surprise
    Him one bit! Listening to Dennis teach on finances and then impartation, some of it new to me, I listened intently. I wanted that in my
    life…more than that, I NEEDED that. I went down front when he called for finaces and impartation along with many other people. He had us start
    praying and then he started laying hands on people. The Power of the Holy Spirit was strong, really strong, standing there praying I could feel
    the waves. Now I have felt this before, and seen people go down all around me. But never went down myself…and then, it was my turn…BAM! DOWN I WENT! AMAZING!!! I got up kinda, with some help and made my way over to the bench where I was totally overcome with tears, feeling drunk and then suddenly the guy behind me started laughing uncontrolably, then the lady next to him and then so was I, then my sister started laughing too! It was unlike anything I had ever experienced! I had a WONDERFUL Birthday!

    Today, I had to work so I couldn’t come for the last day of the event. When I was talking to God today, He told me to write my testimony. I knew
    I could post this on your testimony web page, I told God “ok, I can do that”. God said, “BIGGER”…”BIGGER”…Write your life testimony…Don’t
    leave anything out. Uh God??? With EVERYTHING YOU have brought me through and delivered me out of…things that should have taken this very life that I now live for you…do you realize this is going to be a book? Of course He does. I know that God has given me everything I need to do
    this. In fact,I have often been told that God is going to use my testimony in a BIG way someday. I have always felt that to be true in my heart,
    yes someday. Today is someday. This Event has left me hungry for more of what you have proven by God’s word to be true. I want to walk in this, I
    want to experience God in the ways I have seen and heard that you have. PLEASE come back to Phoenix soon! -Sara Robins

  • I received an incredible impartation during the John 151 Phoenix Event hosted by Revival Cry with Dennis Reanier in Mesa, Arizona! When Sean Smith prayed for me, I immediately felt a lightning bolt jolt through me and I continued to experience electricity coursing through body for over 15 minutes. The entire event was incredible and I knew that something new had been activated inside of me…

    Immediately the next day after the John 151 event, I was setup with a divine connection during my flight from Phoenix to Salt Lake City. God gave me a prophetic word for the woman sitting next to me on the plane regarding a recent promotion she had received. Holy Spirit revealed to me that she was overwhelmed and did not feel ready to take on the new responsibility, but I needed to tell her that everything was going to be fine and that God was accelerating things for her. This simple word caused shocked her and she confirmed that she had recently received a promotion just 4 days earlier and she was feeling extremely overwhelmed and stressed about this opportunity. Holy Spirit continued to reveal other things about this woman’s life to me and I continued to witness to her about how Jesus Christ had radically transformed my life. The revelation that God gave me opened up the opportunity for me to share the gospel with her and she gave her life to Christ on the spot as we prayed together right on the airplane! God is so amazing…

    Today, I just received an email from this woman regarding the conversation we had during the flight and the experience that she had. Here is the email that she sent me below:


    I can’t thank you enough for yesterday. I still can’t explain the feeling I have after meeting you and I don’t know if I ever will.

    I went home last night and couldn’t stop thinking about our conversation. The minute I sat in the car with my husband, I couldn’t stop crying. (And like I said, I’m not a crier!) I told him absolutely everything we talked about on the flight together and he was so happy for that I was able to have that experience with you. We both feel so blessed that you came into my life.

    Last night we were lying in bed, Kyle was watching TV and I was nearly asleep. The only thing keeping my sleep-deprived brain awake was thinking about our experience together. I couldn’t stop. I kept thinking, “Did that really happen? Did I really have that conversation with Shane?” Next thing I know, I hear the song ‘A Whole New World from Aladdin. I shot up out of bed and looked at my husband with complete astonishment. He kept asking, “What’s going on? What wrong!?”

    I was completely speechless.

    I starred at the TV, trying to find an explanation for this bizarre serendipitous moment. I explained to Kyle exactly what you told me, how a new life with God is like living in a ‘whole new world’, just like the song from Aladdin.

    Whatever that was supposed to mean, the chances that my husband, an ESPN enthusiast, would change the channel to watch Aladdin a 11 pm is an absolute shock. And what are the chances that Aladdin was even on TV last night? And to turn to the channel right in the middle of that song? It was as if God was reminding me “You did have that conversation with Shane. That did happen!” It was the perfect reminder that we’re never alone. He’s always there.

    Shane, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I will never forget the conversation we had yesterday. It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. All the best to you! I will most definitely keep in touch. Best Regards, Katie”

    It’s amazing what God wants to do through us! I am so thankful for the revelation that is being shared through Revival Cry Ministries and the John 151 Events that are truly activating the Body of Christ. God wants to flow through each one of us, we just need to be aware! Let’s continue to share the good news without fear and ignited with the passion of Jesus.

    Revival lives in me,
    Shane Cantrell

  • Gail S.

    Revival Cry JohnOneFiveOne Event

    I was blessed to be able to be at the event this past weekend in Mesa AZ, how I got there is a story of its own and in obedience of being there God showed himself faithful! I was searching for an event to go to, out of jealousy….I came across Jason Upton and saw he was going to be speaking and leading worship I did not know of any of the other speakers. I wanted to be there! Over the next few weeks God showed me the intent of my heart was wrong in my purpose to want to go, it was not to experience Him it was to have man speak to me……I had to go back before the Lord and ask if I am to go to this event He said YES, but was very clear I was on the journey with Him! I was not to accompany others and I was to trust His words not mans. My personality is outgoing and wanting to meet others and I find myself depending on others words rather than Gods…..this challenged me! I went and I listened I trusted and heeded Gods word. When I wanted to dance Papa said Be Still for again my heart was not where it needed to be…He got my attention I asked Him questions I discovered I was living for man in some areas….I discovered the tactics of the enemy have been to convince me I can’t hear Him when I can, to keep me busy and focused on the things of man and not to pull away and be in the secret place for fear of being wrong and insecurities and doubts. I’ve known this but something broke in this conference that now I believe this! Today I stand bold in knowing that God does and will use me!

    Some of the things God spoke to me were: Behold until you Become and staying in the room during conflict to Jacobs’ ladder powerful intimate worship that took me to the floor in Awe of my King, and then a night of Holy Spirit intervention of laughter and dancing as we sang the joy of the songs written with kiddos! To know does not get us to our destiny Believing does! Was reminded to Decree and take authority over my day! Then the declaring God will take from the wicked and give to the righteous!

    Each day I found glitter covering my hands after worship, I wept, I laughed I got to Dance for my King!

    A stronghold of “God I’m not able to” Broke, it Broke!

    After a call for prayer in the morning service I went down in my seat and someone came and interceded over me the words she spoke penetrated me so deep within God used her to show He is faithful! Then to end with a Fire Line I was so trashed all weekend in the Glory already and so overwhelmed with His goodness this just topped it off! I was blessed to be partnered with a young man so on fire for God across from me! I have teenagers and God used the young people there to remind me they are just as hungry for God as I am! Just to see the Glory of God moving in His people! This weekend was about truly encountering a God who is faithful in taking me into His secret place! He used each speaker but was sure to remind me it was not the flesh it was His Spirit!

    God you ROCK!!!

    Thank you for impacting the Kingdom of God! Hope to see you again in San Diego!!!!
    Praying for Kingdom Agenda to unfold!

  • Edie Reno

    While at IMPARTATION 2012, one of many words of knowledge called out by David Herzog was cysts and tumours go. My right eye had a cysts, was red, bloodshot, irritated….for many months. I did not really want to be there…it had been prayed for, shrunk, and now was growing over my iris. Eye dr said use steroids and prescribed eye wash which was 100% anti.freeze. I declined Thank God for vision.
    .His mighty ones, His angels were activated to do His commandments, hearkening to the voice of His word. 48 hrs later, at home, my eye is clear, no blood, no cyst! Bless the Lord, all the works of His dominion; bless you Lord.
    Thanks Revival Cry for bringing it. Edie Reno.

  • Jkjoyce77

    Revelation 9/29

    At Impartation 2012 when I was sitting in the front with Gina and during the time of prayer over the newly licensed ministers: Tracey Nelson, Dale Steingruber, and Jen Steingruber; God showed me something…

    Todd White was walking back and forth praying and as I watched him I realized he was walking in flames, it was coming from him and it was all around him! I also kept getting an image of Daniel and his friends in the fiery furnace. I wasn’t sure exactly what this meant other than to be on fire for God. I knew God was urging me to tell Todd, so I leaned over and told him about the flames.

    God revealed to me the reason for showing me Daniel. He again showed me Todd White walking in fire and then Daniel. He said it wasn’t just about saving Daniel and his friends and it wasn’t about just Neb’s soul. Those flames ceased being the fire of men and became the fire of God, which does not harm men but sets their hearts on fire. It made the fire of God visible to King Neb and all those who were there and then heard of it later. Daniel surrendering to the will of God, made room for God to move beyond anything possible in the natural. That flame consumed anyone who saw or heard and there was no denying the God of Israel!

    I used to read the story of Daniel in the furnace and think what a great story of God saving one of his children but it is so much more. God revealed that to me and I believe it is a confirmation of what Dennis preached last Saturday night and others have preached before. There is no formula, no magic book of secrets revealed, no words to say in the right order; we just say yes and walk in the fire. After all, we are children of the Father of Lights.

    We are to Live On Fire Together! There is nothing that we do to be on fire: no act, word or deed.

    He must become greater, we must become less. (John 3:30)

  • Diane Pennington

    My husband and I were a privileged few to be a part of the first Revival Cry John One Five One Event in Tulsa OK. I’ve told many people that I didn’t know what to expect, but the event exceeded my expectations.

    Flagger Caleb Brundidge started the weekend for me and I now own 2 flag sets and have just ordered a 3rd set. This event kicked off an ongoing revival with fires burning all over Oklahoma. Keith Luker and his team just finished 30 days of outpouring and are returning this Friday for 30 more.

    Revival Cry helped set me on this course with Jason Upton, Steve Swanson, Tammi Reanier, Darren Wilson (Father of Lights), Elizabeth A. Nixon (The Rhythm of Heaven), John Nixon (Angel Stories), Sean Smith… Caleb Brundidge’s flagging… Dennis is passionate pulling no punches. We have a religious spirit that must break over this state. We all say we want revival, but no one has been willing to step out of their 4 walls.

    We have this past month. I believe that Dennis added fuel to the fire that many intercessors have kept alive.

    Oklahoma is on the Kingdom map. A word that I heard was “the rehearsal is over, the time is now” join me in declaring unity in the Body of Christ.

    Thank you Dennis, Shane and all of your team for your sacrifices.

    In Revival and I’m not coming out!

    Diane Pennington
    Edmond, OK

  • revivalcry

    Dennis…testimony for you: you prayed for a lady (had her middle school boy with her) for financial breakthrough and she was told today that her boys will begin to get lunch free at their school and that they were making it retroactive to cancel their debt to the “lunch lady”…so that’s cool…God bless you…I told her I’d pass it on to you! Hope you have a great day!
    Chris Dawes

  • revivalcry

    Woman Healed of Hepatitis C!

    In this video, a woman testifies about miraculous healing from word of knowledge received from Dennis Reanier with Revival Cry Ministries:

  • Shane Cantrell

    Teen Challenge Testimony # 1:

    “Thank you so very much for blessing us! You were right! As the days went by, my healing arrived. Before, my bottom rib touched my hip bone on my left side due to scoliosis. I now have a 3” space! God is good.”
    Blessings, Darci

  • Shane Cantrell

    Teen Challenge Testimony # 2:

    “Thank you so much for sharing the grace of God with us. We appreciate you so much for taking the time to speak to us and pray for us. The bones in my hands and feet still feel great. God is so good!” Elizabeth

  • Molly Sprague

    In Las Vegas, Nevada this March, Dennis Reanier had us in a circle for the impartation prayer. For several days I had had a left hip out of wack. It made no difference who prayed, it refused to pop back into place. During the prayer, Dennis put his hand on my forehead and I was unable to push back on his. Instead, I went to the ground and on doing so, my hip popped. On getting up my hip was still off set, but feeling better. On leaving, I sat in the drivers seat and the hip made an even louder pop, going into place at last.

  • Beverly DeMan

    Healing Testimony:
    It happened the evening Dennis Reanier spoke in Novi, MI. I was sitting in the back on the pillows. People were up front receiving prayer for something. I was thinking about getting up and heading home. Suddenly, I knew there was an angel at my side, placing his hand on me. My body started slowly and evenly bending/arching backward, into a backward arch. As I got up and into the car, all my back muscles were pulsating and moving around. My back continued to push backward into the car seat on its own. When I went to bed, the muscles continued to move and shift.

    I had a scoliosis and it had gotten so difficult to sit in a chair for any length of time. I had to fidget continually. I always thought there was a demon there twisted around my spine.

    So that was my moment in time…. for healing and deliverance in my spine! Next… to receive it for arthritic spots in my body.

    Beverly DeMan


    MY name is TED:FORDMAN: EHRHARDT and I want to tell the world how the LORD saved me from a serious accident and kept my truck from overturning on Hwy 94 outside of Portage, Wi. area on August 7th-2015. I work late at night and had very little sleep before I went to Elkhorn, WI car swap meet. I was returning home to La Valle, WI and had truck set on 75 mph speed control when I fell asleep at the wheel. I went from RH lane to LH lane and left skid marks on RH side while truck lifted off pavement and started to flip but the LORD or one of HIS angels took control of my truck. I skidded almost 2 blocks before truck came to stop in median. Missed heavy traffic vehicles?
    I stirred up such a dust storm that I couldn’t even see the windshield. When area cleared I put truck in gear and went on down highway and pulling off on dead end street.
    I got out and got down on my knees and thanked the LORD for saving my life once again as HE has since the age of 5. I was fully shaken to know what just happened and why I didn’t flip. Only the good LORD and GOD have the answers . I am so blessed and I pray every day over my vehicles since I got saved from myself by the LORD Who saved me in GA. at the Full GOSPEL Businessmen’s Revival in 2004 at the age of 63. Thank YOU Jesus!!
    Several years back the LORD made it known to me that I had a heart problem while operating a fork lift in Dec. with 17dergree cold weather outside while unloading 2 trucks with rock salt. I was supposed to be relieved by another driver but after 1 1/2 hours I came in breathing hard and white as a ghost. Owner sent me home and wife took me to hospital where tests showed I had heart problems. Now remember I had no stroke or heart attack as I should have had because they thought I only needed dye test and stents.
    Arrived at UW in Madison and after further tests it was discovered I had 5 blocked arties with main at 95%. They showed me and my wife ,Margo, a video and explained it was best to be operated on. Now the hard part comes to light; I never wanted to be cut on and we had to pray for the LORD’s advice on whether to go medical route or be cut on. The LORD said I had to undergo operation. I had a wonderful doctor and nurse who were very compassion and understanding. I asked doctor to not cut on my left leg since a forklift nearly caused me to lose leg in Houston while moving to WI.
    After operation; doctor came to me and told me he had bad news ; he had to take arteries out of both legs to get me repaired and then he said I had a widowmaker. My main artery was 99% blocked and I should be dead. Realize this that the LORD kept me from stroke or heart attack and 99% blockage and I am still alive. Better yet I was told it would take 2/3 months before returning to work after physical therapy. Guess what; I was back at work full blast in 6 weeks. GOD ,the LORD and Holy Spirit are truly amazing. Thank You Again Jesus!! I am blessed

  • Rick Prince

    During the evening session on Saturday September 26th 2015 at impartation I saw Tony Kemp flow in the glory of God and as a result many got healed. I received revelation from God on this point and although I was not actively seeking to see the same thing happen, it did. The following Saturday my wife and I were in Torrington Wyoming holding our regular prison service. During the praise and worship I felt a pain in my left knee. I don’t normally have pain in my left knee so I thought maybe God wanted to do something. After the music finished, I asked if there was anyone with pain in their left knee. One man stood said he had pain in his right knee. I let him stand but still pressed for the left knee person. He finally stood and then I asked if anyone else had knee pain. Altogether 9 people stood. I then discussed how the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy and told the nine that as the others gave testimonies of healing they would be healed and when they were healed, to just sit down. After about a half hour all 9 had been healed and taken their seats. When the left knee guy sat down the man next to him stood and said that he didn’t believe in healing when I started this but then he told God that if healing was real then if he healed his friend with the left knee he would believe. As soon as he prayed that his friend was healed. After this I asked for anyone else with pain in their body to stand. 6 more stood. I told the men who were surrounding them to lay their hands on them and pray. As they did I said when you get healed, sit down. Soon all 6 were healed. All total 15 guys in prison got healed by the glory of God and I didn’t pray for any of them.

  • Kristen

    Dennis was ministering in Cranford NJ this Sept and had a word of knowledge about nightmares and not being able to sleep. Well I have been suffering from nightmares for a few years. Once the word of knowledge was spoken and I was prayed over, I could feel whatever had me wrapped up untwisting and leaving me. For the first time in a long time I slept very well that night. Want to thank Dennis from Revival Cry Ministries for coming to Cranford that day. I truly needed a miracle and I got one.

  • Peter Jordan

    My brother gave me the multi-volume series “Christ in You the Hope of Glory” and told me how it had changed his life and understanding of Christianity, and it has changed my life as well. One of the most powerful truths Dennis explains is that the practical essence of Christianity id the supernatural. Take that away and Christianity is nothing. It is meaningless without it. 2 Timothy 3 says

    “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. 2 For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, 4 treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.” Christianity today has “the appearance of godliness, but denies its power.” The word for power here is dynamis. This the same word used in Ephesians 1 to described the power of the Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead.

    No wonder a million people a year are leaving Christianity.