Revolution is Not About Rebellion!

Revolution is Not About Rebellion!

Posted on January 28, 2012

Revolution is not about rebellion. Jesus was a revolutionary, but He was not rebellious. The definition of revolution is to come full circle. A revolution changes our identity and the reason why we do the things we do… What we once did by the law because it was required. We now do by grace because it is our new nature. We were once required to honor our mother and father. Now honor is just a part of our identity that makes us who we are in Him!

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Dennis Reanier is an apostolic leader with a prophetic voice to inspire this generation in the purposes of God. As the founder of the Apostolic Resource Center, Revival Cry Ministries, and Word of Life Christian Center, Dennis is known for equipping high impact leaders. He is the co-founder of Be A Hero, USA a non-profit organization for helping children at risk around the world. Dennis serves as Regional Superintendent with Destiny World Outreach overseeing pastors and churches nationwide.